Southern Rod Showdown 2020!

The SDAV Hot Rods and the VSC Super Rods met at Heytesbury Stockfeed Simpson Speedway on Saturday 18th January 2020 for their annual Southern Rod Showdown. Both classes are known to bring excitement and epic racing to their meets but bring them together and you’re...

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What’s in a number? No matter what form of racing, be it horses, cars or boats. We all have an identifying number, but what draws a driver to a number? Most drivers will have one number their entire career while a select few jump from number to number... I asked a few...

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SDAV Hot Rods

SDAV Hot Rods have been involved in speedway racing for over 50 years and continually evolve as an exciting Speedway Class. An increasing number of young drivers are part of the Class as it offers an affordable entry level into high speed, action packed, open wheel, dirt track racing.

The Club has had a fascinating history in the early years; over 30 Hot Rods would compete to qualify for the Final. After a period of lean times, the Club is now growing in numbers again, which makes this an exciting time to be involved with the Club.

The Hot Rod Club is a very welcoming, friendly group…