The 2018/2019 season’s Presentation Night was magnificently organised by SDAV Hot Rod’s members Stan and Faye Marco and held at The Seaview Club in Lovely Banks. The function room was beautifully decked out in SDAV Hot Rods colours red, blue and yellow with touches of racing’s infamous chequered pattern that was delivered by “Party on us”. Dinner was a delicious buffet of roast meats, veggies and salads catered by “Coast to Coast The Golden Roast” who also provided numerous delightful dessert options to choose from.

The party atmosphere was kept alive with music arranged and managed by Tony Cochran.

This years Presentation video had unexpected technical issues so we only managed to view some of it but we are all looking forward to the finished product being available to watch soon by Scott Berry of “Fourth Designs”. I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

Drinks were flowing through the night and lots of animated conversations could be heard. Above all of that was the unmistakable laughter that you will find at any SDAV get-together. Our favourite funny man, Dean West did an impeccable job emceeing the night keeping the laughter going throughout the awards and speeches with his tongue in cheek comments and fabulous personality.

The SDAV Hot Rods also celebrated their president Phil Jenkin’s 50th season. This was beautifully commemorated with a video featuring the perfect amount of humour by Kali Hovey. A massive achievement on Phil’s behalf and we’d like to extend our congratulations once again. He was also gifted a gorgeous metalworks statue from this seasons drivers by “Customised Fire Pits” and a customised frame featuring all his past cars and this seasons drivers autographs by Scott Berry at “Fourth Designs”.

Now on to the awards!
Best Presented Car (Sponsored by Fourth Designs): Shannon Meakins (#84)
Most Improved Driver (Sponsored by Allsport Trophies): Chris Wilkes (#13)
Encouragement Award (Sponsored by Little Boot Café): Rylee Whitlow
State Title Winner: Stan Marco Snr
Legends Cup 2018/2019: Stan Marco Snr
Ray Welsh Memorial: Shannon Meakins
Club Person Award: The Berry Family
Presidents Award: Phil Martin – for his outstanding service to the community during the bushfires which in turn resulted in him helping save club members homes.

Thunder Down Under Top 5
5th: Phil Jenkins (#3)
4th: Kali Hovey (#22)
3rd: Stan Marco Jnr (#11) (Sponsored by Norlane Pizza Box)
2nd: Stan Marco Snr (#5) (Sponsored by Phil & Lynne Jenkins)
1st: Shannon Meakins (#84) (Sponsored by The Sixtus Family)

Club Championship Top 5
5th: Stan Marco Jnr (#11)
4th: Dean West (#4)
3rd: Kali Hovey (#22) (Sponsored by Phil & Lynne Jenkins)
2nd: Shannon Meakins (#84) (Sponsored by Russell & Lyn Hovey)
1st: Stan Marco Snr (#5) (Sponsored by The Welsh Family)

Thank you bouquets for their hard work and continued support of SDAV Hot Rods: Elaine Welsh, Narelle Welsh, Lynne Jenkins and Bec Berry.

Congratulations to all those mentioned above!

A big congratulations to Cameron McCormick on his overwhelming luck in holding a majority of the winning raffle tickets – we hope your daughter loves the scooter donated by new driver Daniel Mills from “Sacrifice Scooters”.

The coveted SDAV Hot Rods customised fire pit provided by “Custom Fire Pits” was won by Mrs Welsh – there was many a sad face that didn’t win it! Lucky it was so big that it couldn’t be smuggled out in someone’s bag! Thank you to everyone that supported the raffles. We wish everyone could be a winner!

The SDAV Hot Rods would like to thank everyone that came to all the races, helped celebrate the 2018/2019 season on Presentation Night and supported the club.

Their continued thanks go to their sponsors Ribeau Transport, Little Boot Café and Fourth Designs Website Creation, Management and Graphics

Written by Rebecca Berry
For the SDAV Hot Rods