VSC SDAV State Title

The SDAV Hot Rod Club is a founding member of the Victorian Speedway Council (VSC) and has, in actual fact, been around longer than the VSC.
The SDAV Club and it’s members hold the annual State Title high on the list of Blue Ribbon Events. To be Vic 1 is every drivers goal.

*Summer and Winter Titles held

Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Venue
66/67 Ken Howard Graham Roberts Jim Duggan Brooklyn
67/68 Ray Welsh Jim Duggan Graeme Roberts Brooklyn
Ray Welsh Jim Duggan Ken Howard Brooklyn
Ray Welsh Ken Howard Russell Hovey Brooklyn
69/70 Ray Welsh Ken Howard Brooklyn
70/71 Ray Welsh Ken Howard Graeme Pitcher Brooklyn
71/72 Ray Welsh Jim Duggan Ray Mikelson Brian Patton Brooklyn
72/73 Ray Welsh Graeme Roberts Brooklyn
73/74 Ray Welsh John Doidge Neil Flowers Brooklyn
Ray Welsh
Tony Koolen Ken Chalcraft John Doidge J.Collins G.Taylor Rushworth
75/76 Jim Duggan John Doidge Tony Koolen
76/77 Jim Duggan Brian Patton Tony Koolen
77/78 Jim Duggan Brian Patton
78/79 Jim Duggan Chris Howard
79/80 Tony Koolen Ray Welsh Chris Howard Brooklyn
80/81 Tony Koole Col Watt Stan Marco Brooklyn
81/82 Ken Chalcraft Ray Welsh Tony Koolen *over three rounds
82/83 Ted Alabacos Ray Welsh Chris Howard
83/84 Chris Howard
84/85 Trevor Perry Brian Patton Ray Welsh Dale Matthews Russel Thomas
85/86 Col Watt Trevor Perry Valdo Kamistie Allan Bartlett Allan Emondson
86/87 Col Watt Trevor Perry Speedbowl
87/88 Tony Koolen Chris Howard Trevor Perry Speedbowl
88/89 Chris Howard Tony Koolen Allan Lucket Speedbowl
89/90 Chris Howard Ray Welsh Tony Koolen Bendigo
90/91 Chris Howard Happy Kipper Ted Alabacus Stan Marco Jnr Graeme Pitcher
91/92 Chris Howard S. Marco Ted Alabacus Alan Emonson
92/93 Harry Kipper Chris Howard Eddie Cook Jnr Ted Albacus Ray Welsh Redline
93/94 Eddie Cook Chris Marco Ray Welsh Mark Tangey David O”Dea Bendigo
94/95 Chris Howard Peter Williams Mark Tangey Ted Albacus Ray Welsh Stawell
95/96 Peter Williams Ted Alabacus Mark Tangey Chris Marco Phil Jenkins Stawell
96/97 Chris Howard Corey Brokenshire Mark Tangey Luke Neale Simpson
97/98 Graeme Pitcher Ted Alabacus Ray Welsh Bill Neale Jason Kavanagh Belmont
98/99 Phil Jenkins Ted Alabacus Mario Nastasi Ray Welsh Shane Michell Hamilton
99/00 Dean Walsh Shane Mitchell Peter Williams Phil Jenkins Ted Alabacus Bacchus Marsh
00/01 Jason Kavanagh Phil Jenkins Shane Mitchell Bendigo
01/02 Jason Kavanagh Dean Greenham Mick May Russell Hovey Ray Welsh Rushworth
02/03 Jason Kavanagh Shane Mitchell Shaun Walsh Dean Greenham Phil Jenkins Stawell
03/04 Dean Greenham Shaun Walsh Shane Mitchell Mick May Peter Milnes Wangaratta
04/05 Shaun Walsh Mario Natashi Kali Hovey Dean Greenham Phil Jenkins Rushworth
05/06 Shaun Walsh Andrew Howard Phil Jenkins Kali Hovey Dave Wandon Bairnsdale
06/07 Shaun Walsh Andrew Howard Tony Green Mario Nastasi Russell Hovey Rushworth
07/08 Phil Jenkins Shaun Toulmin Mario Nastasi Andrew Howard Kali Hovey Stawell
08/09 Allan Pitcher Kali Hovey Chris Shaw Rod Smith Dean West Nyora
09/10 Allan Pitcher Kali Hovey Dean West Mick May Vaughn Matthey Hamilton
10/11 Jason Kavanagh Dean West Kali Hovey Phil Jenkins Shannon Meakins Rushworth
11/12 Jason May Jason Kavanagh Eddie Ivermee Allan Luckett Kali Hovey Drouin
12/13 Jason Kavanagh Shannon Meakins Dean West Eddie Ivermee Allan Luckett Wangaratta
13/14 Dean West Allan Luckett Phil Jenkins Steve Robertson Kali Hovey Alexandra
14/15 Shannon Meakins Allan Luckett Phil Jenkins Stan Marco Jnr Neil Sixtus Drouin
15/16 Dean West Shannon Meakins Dylan Linehan Mario Nastasi Steve Robertson Moama
16/17 Jason May Jamie May Russell Hovey Shannon Meakins Stan Marco Snr Rosedale
17/18 Michael Coad Dean West Shannon Meakins Stan Marco Snr Jamie May Rushworth
Most Titles – Ray Welsh 9