Club Champion

The Club Champion series is a point based series. Over the season all drivers earn points per race which is combined at the end of the season.

Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
85/86 Col Watt   Stan Marco Snr    
93/94         Phil Jenkins
96/97 Chris Howard Alan Pitcher Peter Williams    
97/98 Ted Albabacos Phil Jenkins Jason Kavanagh Peter Williams Ray Welsh
98/99 Phil Jenkins Jason Kavanagh Ted Albabacos Mario Nastasi Dean Walsh
99/00 Jason Kavanagh Dean Walsh Shane Michell Mario Nastasi Phil Jenkins
00/01 Jason Kavanagh Phil Jenkins Shane Michell Dean Walsh Ray Welsh
01/02 Jason Kavanagh Shane Michell Bill Neale Dean Greenham Ray Walsh
02/03 Jason Kavanagh Shane Michell Dean Greenham Shaun Walsh Mick May
03/04 Shaun Walsh Mick May Shane Michell Mario Nastasi Dean Greenham
04/05 Shaun Walsh Phil Jenkins Mick May Dean Greenham Mario Nastasi
05/06 Shaun Walsh Andrew Howard Phil Jenkins Kali Hovey Russ Hovey
06/07 Andrew Howard Shaun Walsh Phil Jenkins Rod Smith Kali Hovey
07/08 Phil Jenkins Andrew Howard Shaun Toulmin Kali Hovey Ray Welsh
08/09 Phil Jenkins Kali Hovey Allan Pitcher Ray Welsh Jason Kavanagh
09/10 Dean West Kali Hovey Phil Jenkins Ray Welsh Allan Pitcher
10/11 Jason Kavanagh Phil Jenkins Kali Hovey Aaron Peel Ronnie Gilligan
11/12 Jason Kavanagh Jason May Dean West Allen Luckett Eddie Ivermee
12/13 Allen Luckett Dean West Shannon Meakins Kali Hovey Jason Kavanagh
13/14 Dean West Allen Luckett Phil Jenkins Shannon Meakins Kali Hovey
14/15 Dean West and Shannon Meakins Allen Luckett Kali Hovey Phil Jenkins Glenn Lawless
15/16 Dean West Dylan Linehan Shannon Meakins Kali Hovey Glenn Lawless
16/17 Jason May Jamie May Stan Marco Snr Shannon Meakins Kali Hovey
17/18 Stan Marco Snr Michael Coad Shannon Meakins Jamie May Dean West
18/19 Stan Marco Snr Shannon Meakins Kali Hovey Dean West Stan Marco Jnr
19/20 Shannon Meakins Thomas Marco Stan Marco Jnr Kali Hovey Stan Marco Snr
Most Championships – Jason Kavanagh 6