Daniel Mills (Chief) – #9

Chief Racing

49 yr old Daniel is married to his incredibly supportive wife Donna and has 2 boys – Brodie and Nathan.
The Mills come from St Helena, Victoria.
Chief Racing was born from Daniel’s nickname – Chief and his branding is definitely an easy one to spot!

Daniel is no stranger to the Speedway lifestyle – he is a second generation driver with his father, Laurie Mills, and his uncle, John Mills, both having raced in Speedway before and he has grown up around race cars and the speedway circuit.
He chose the Hot Rods as that is where his father and uncle got their start, so he is following a bit of a family tradition.

His car number “9” is very significant to Daniel as that was his number when he played football. Like a lot of SDAV members and drivers, Daniel loves his football – he is a very passionate one-eyed Tiger’s supporter. Even his car colours represent this. This will make the pits interesting during footy season!

Daniel owns and runs Sacrifice Scooters and Full House Distribution with his family – he obviously doesn’t back down from a challenge with hobbies like kick boxing and training at Morakot Muaythai Gym! A self-proclaimed dare devil on a bmx when he was younger makes us think there is going to be some entertaining racing this season! When asked who he thinks will be his biggest competitor this season he tactfully replied: “All of them”.

Daniel’s sponsors for ‘Chief Racing’ include Sacrifice Scooters, Full House Distribution, Rare Board Co and Dutton Garage.

You’ll find Daniel travelling the world looking for the best chicken parma for his Facebook page “Parma’s of the world” – so far Hong Kong is leading that race. If we want to keep Daniel happy – make sure parma is on the menu! So far the airlines haven’t taken his “special needs” request for parma and chips seriously…
His favourite dessert is syrup dumpling and drink of choice is Miller Chill.

Chief Racing looks forward to see you all in the pits, so make sure to stop by his tent and say hi!