Dean West

Dean West – #4

Westy is our resident funny man. He is always cracking a joke, making someone laugh. He usually MC’s our presentation nights and no one is safe from his wisecracks. He never hesitates to laugh at himself either.
Having spent most of his younger days in and around speedway with SDAV Saloons, when his football career was over he decided to try his hand at racing.

Not wanting to spend all his time panel beating but still wanting fast and honest racing, Westy chose SDAV Hot Rods. Buying his first car from Russ Hovey has led to 14yrs experience in the hot rods with many wins under his belt. Unbeknownst to him, he has actually followed in family tradition, like many of our racers, with his father having actually started his speedway career in a hot rod before he started racing sedans.

He feels his biggest competitor these days is anyone that gets out on the track.

When asked who his most respected competitor was he answered “anyone who climbs through the roof and straps themselves into one of our machines, with a tank of fuel inches away from our heads and not much room, open wheel racing and we go bloody fast. It’s not for the faint hearted”

Truer words have never been spoken in relation to racing a hot rod.

Continuing the banter in the pits at football time is his love of The Pies. Dean’s a Collingwood supporter and follows Aussie Rules Football and car racing.

Continuing with his traditional aussie ways is his love for Roast Chicken, a cold beer and a good slice of pavlova!
His sponsors are Dandy Bolts and Upright Enterprises.

If you see Dean around the track or in the pits – make sure to shake the mans hand. He’s a good bloke!