Grand Slam Champions

Today, SDAV Hot Rods have five main Titles in which the drivers all battle to win.
The State Title is the oldest event running with its first race taking place in 1966 to today with the 17/18 season Title being held on April 7 at Rushworth Speedway. Over the years, two ‘point score championships’ were introduced, a Legends Cup and the Ray Welsh Memorial which is held in honour of one of our greatest members.

The 91/92 season was the first year for 3 titles that could be won starting the era of Gram Slam Champion. It went from 3-4 in the 06/07 season which remained until the 12/13 season. Below you will see the few drivers who have achieved grand slam status.

3 Title Grand Slam Champion
State Title – Club Champion – Thunder Down Under Series

This Grand Slam was achievable between the 91/92 and 05/06 seasons. It was won by three drivers a total of 6 times.

Phil Jenkins – 98/99

After racing for 30 years, Phil became the first Grand Slam Winner when he won both the Club Champion and State Titles for the first time in his racing career and defended his Legend Cup Title from the previous season.

Since winning the State Title Phil has finished in the top 5 nine times.

Phil still races today with 2018 being his 49th year behind the wheel.

Jason Kavanagh – 00/01, 01/02, 02/03

After just 3 short years with SDAV, Jason not only became the second Grand Slam winner but also won it three years in a row. He did nearly make it four in a row but unfortunately missed winning the State Title in the 99/00 season.

Spanning 14 broken years in SDAV Hot Rods Jason finished in the top 5 of All of the 5 Titles now held 28 times, 19 of them in 1st place.

Although Jason only managed a 3 Title Grand Slam, he was the first driver to win all of the 5 events after he won the inaugural Ray Welsh Memorial.

Shaun Walsh – 04/05, 05/06

Shaun was with the SDAV Hot Rods for 9 years and achieved the Grand Slam twice and they were in a row. He, unfortunately, missed equalling Jason with three in a row when he missed out on 1st in the State Title in the 03/04 season. He came in second in that race.

4 Title Grand Slam Champion
State Title – Club Champion – Thunder Down Under Series – Legend Cup

In the 06/07 season the SDAV introduced the Legend Cup. This expanded the Grand Slam format to 4 titles and stayed until the introduction of the Ray Welsh Memorial in the 12/13 season.

During the 6 years that this format existed, unfortunately, no one managed to achieve it.

Andrew Howard in the 06/07 season and Jason Kavanagh in the 11/12 season both came close but both missed out on the State Title.

5 Title Grand Slam Champion
State Title – Club Champion – Thunder Down Under Series – Legend Cup – Ray Welsh Memorial This format began in the 12/13 season after the inclusion of the Ray Welsh Memorial.
Jason May – 16/17

Not only is Jason the first to become the 5 Title Grand Slam Champion, he achieved it in his return year to SDAV Hot Rods.

Jason started with SDAV in the 09/10 season and 2 years later won the State Title earning himself the coveted #1. Unfortunately not only was he unable to defend his title the next year he never got to run the #1 as he left racing due to a back issue and didn’t race for the next 4 seasons.

Jason certainly returned with a bang and made up for lost time.