Blue Ribbon Raceway in Horsham was the latest racetrack to welcome the SDAV Hot Rods on track on Saturday 29th February, 2020. A late start for racing due to the track needing maintenance after a hot afternoon meant a long wait to eagerly watch the Hot Rods. It wasn’t long before the memorable roar could be heard from the pits and you knew you were in for some impressive action. And impressive it was! Tommy Marco (#6 – A1 Automotive) took 1st place on the podium for the first time this season in a super monumental win followed by Kali Hovey (#22 – Little Boot Café) in 2nd place and Stan Marco Jnr (A+ Powdercoating) in 3rd.

All drivers drove so consistently throughout the heats, standing their ground and stopping their competitors from passing them and taking their position. An awesome achievement with so much talent on track! Racing isn’t just about gaining a position – it’s also about defending it and keeping it secure.
Before Heat 1 could begin, Kali Hovey suffered ignition issues and had to be pulled infield. The Marco brothers, Tommy and Stan Jnr battled for 1st place for a couple of laps with Tommy taking the lead by lap 3. Heat 2 saw Tommy still driving steadily in 1st place holding Shannon Meakins (#84 – Pizza Box Norlane) in 2nd place. Marco Jnr and Phil Jenkins (#3 – P+S Automotive) challenged each other for 3rd place with Jenkins ultimately getting the upper hand. Heat 3 saw the Marco brothers fall back to 3rd and 4th with Stan Jnr finally trumping his brother Tommy in positions. Meakins and Jenkins took 1st and 2nd from the drop of the flag and didn’t let go. Spectators were left on the edge of their seat wondering who would win the final…

The coin toss decided on highest points to the rear and put the 3 top contenders at the back. Kali Hovey led the final from the start till lap 14 when with one lap to go Tommy Marco, who had steadily and remarkably made his way through the field from last place to first, took everyone by surprise and shot past Hovey, pushing her back into 2nd place. Excellent racing by Tommy Marco who has continually improved this season! It’s clear competitive racing is in the Marco blood. Stan Marco Jnr started out in 3rd place and he held it to the end – after a shaky start, landing 3rd place on the podium was an excellent achievement! Sadly, Phil Jenkins lost his spot at 2nd place and ended the race in 4th. Lap 7 saw Shannon Meakins spin and in typical Meakins fashion continue right on driving, although this pushed him rear of field and regrettably finishing in 5th. Daniel Mills (#9 – Sacrifice Scooters) had a hard drive with a painful shoulder but kept out there, getting as much experience as he can and finished in 6th place.

SDAV Hot Rods would like to thank their major sponsors Ribeau Transport, P & S Automotive Services and The Pizza Box Geelong.

SDAV Hot Rods would also like to thank Gorski Engineering for sponsoring their Thunder Down Under Series – Round 6.

Written by
Rebecca Berry
For SDAV Hot Rods

Thanks to M&L Speedway Photography 

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