Kali Hovey

Kali Hovey – #22

Kali is 32 years old and married to fellow SDAV racer, Shannon Meakins – #84. She is SDAV Hot Rods only female racer – she doesn’t let the male dominated field deter or intimidate her from getting on the track and jockeying for position. Having been racing since she was 12 years old when she started in juniors, she has a lot of personal experience on track as well as off. At 16, she transferred to the Hot Rods to race with her dad Russell Hovey – #25 – an SDAV original.

In her time on the track with the Hot Rods, Kali has amassed some great racing achievements – winning the much coveted and strived for Ray Welsh Memorial race, winning The Legends Cup and coming 2nd in The State Title, Thunder Down Under Series and Club Championship.

Her biggest rival is Glenn Lawless – #99 and of course, her most respected, her dad.

A trepid explorer, Kali has travelled a fair bit of the world whilst juggling several businesses – a café and a pizza shop. If you’re in or around Geelong, make sure to check out Little Boot Café and The Pizza Box. You’ll get an awesome feed at both shops! Even though she has travelled extensively, Kali feels there is still so much she wishes to see and do.

Not much into sports, Kali does love wrestling and The Undertaker is her favourite wrestler – makes a nice change for the footy mad rest of the drivers at SDAV!

Her favourite meal is Mexican with a cold Coke Zero and her favourite dessert is her Nanna’s trifle. Her sponsors are The Pizza Box Geelong, Little Boot Café Geelong and Ribeau Transport.

You can’t miss Kali in the pits – she’s the only girl in a race suit! She is always up for a chat and introduce you to her fellow drivers – stop by and say hi!