Legends Cup

The Legends Cup is an annual race that is run in memory and respect of all our past and present SDAV drivers.

Season 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Venue
2007 Andrew Howard          
2008 Allan Pitcher          
2009 Dean West Allan Pitcher Kali Hovey      
2010 Phil Jenkins          
2011 Aaron Peel          
2012 Jason Kavanagh Allen Luckett Dean West      
2013 Jason Kavanagh Allen Luckett Dean West      
2014 Phil Jenkins Shannon Meakins Dean West      
2015 Kali Hovey Dean West Stan Marco Jnr      
2016 Michael Coad Dean West Glenn Lawless      
2017 Jason May Stan Marco Snr Jamie May Tom Marco Shannon Meakins  
2018 Shannon Meakins Dean West Jamie May Kali Hovey Glenn Lawless Moama
2018 Stan Marco Snr Phil Jenkins Kali Hovey Chris Wilkes Stan Marco Jnr Moama
2019 Stan Marco Jnr Tom Marco Russell Hovey Kali Hovey Daniel Mills Moama