Michael Lee

Mick Lee – #23 & #27

Lee Racing

Mick is married to Jenny and a father to 5 Sons Jordan, Justin, Brandon, Tyler, Tannah, and 1 daughter Breanna, who all can be seen helping out in the pits not just on Micks car but on whoever needs help at the time.

He started out racing in 1997 in the Modified Productions in his LJ Torana for a few years ,after a change in location and job seen him sell his car and turn to farming.

He then got back in to racing in the year of 2013 in the Super Rods, it was only for a short time as went to a race Drouin where he seen the SDAV Hotrods race for the first time and thought l want to be out there with these guys .

His first race with the SDAV Hotrods he was made to feel like he had been in the club for a lifetime.

His most respected competitor is Shannon Meakins for the time and effort he puts in to Micks youngest son Tannah at the races.

He is sponsored by the Lee Family

His loves a steak or a pizza with a beer, has been known to sneak down to Pizza Box Norlane 225kms away just for pizza .

If you see him floating around the pits feel free to wonder over and have a chat and look at his car.