Neil Sixtus

Neil Sixtus (Krazy Kiwi ) -#8

Krazy Kiwi racing

63 year old Neil is married to the love of his life, Violet and together they have 2 sons Eddie and Michael with 3 amazing grandchildren. The Sixtus call Hedley home.

Neil started racing over in New Zealand at the age of 16, he was given his 1st race car by a guy he worked for in a wrecking yard. Neil raced mainly Stock cars and every now and then a Midget. Neil made the move to Australia in 1987, and had his 1st race in a Hot Rod at Daylesford earning him his nickname the Krazy Kiwi. Neil won a lot of races at Daylesford and has a fair size trophy collection from his glory days.

In 1999 Neil was forced in an early retirement being diagnosed with bad Kidneys, Neil was on dialysis for a couple of years waiting for a kidney transplant. This eventually happened and Neil was on the mend in no time. Neil asked the doctor would it ever be possible to race and again and the doctors gave Neil the green light in 2013, without any hesitation Neil bought his 1st SDAV Hot Rod in 2014. Neil’s most memorable moment was coming 5th in the Victorian title at Drouin and Neil’s most disappointing moment was at Laang where he took a pretty bad roll over.

Neil’s favourite tracks are, Drouin, Swan Hill and Wangaratta. Neil is also a big Steak, eggs and chips guy followed down by a cold coke. Neil’s favourite driver s are Brett Milburn and Kyle Larson and resects every driver that puts on a helmet no matter what class they race.

We haven’t seen much of Neil racing the last couple of years but is in the process of putting a new chassis together which is not too far away we are told. Neil has a tight nit family with his eldest son Eddie being his Pit Chief along with Michelle, Paige, Benjie and Linkin who all play a big part in the Krazy Kiwi team on race night.

Sponsors for Krazy Kiwi are, Idigt PTY LTD, Hovey racing and also a big thank you to the Linehan family for all their help.

Make sure you pop into the pits and say G’Day to the Krazy Kiwi and his team, Neil is a great guy with a heart of gold and would love to talk about his Hot Rod.