Raedyn Marco

Raedyn Marco – #2

Marco Racing

Raedyn is the youngest son of Stan Marco Snr (#5), baby brother to Tommy (#6) and Stan Jnr (#11), and the youngest driver at SDAV Hot Rods. He has only been racing for a year and has already experienced his first rollover. While he might be new to the track, he has been around speedway most of his life thanks to his dad’s continuing involvement. He is continuing tradition with driving his grandfather’s Baretta and using his number. He is a 3rd generation SDAV Hot Rods racer.

RJ recently got his license so not only do we need to watch out for him on the track, keep an eye on the roads!

Following further in family tradition, Raedyn is also a concreter and a Hawks supporter. He loves a good parma and a double cheeseburger. He isn’t real fussy what he drinks.

His most respected competitor is his dad, Stan Snr and his brothers are his biggest rivals..

Alongside sponsoring themselves, Marco Racing is also sponsored by Indy Race Parts, Darby Paints, A1 Automotive, Fabricare Engineering, Kardinia Café, and Fourth Designs.

RJ is always up for a chat and to show off his hot rod to you – I think we’ll see his confidence and driving grow this season so don’t forget to give him some encouragement!